Do you have chronic fatigue syndrome?

If you do, you could be deficient in Molybdenum

Several websites report improvements in a number of underlying conditions with molybdenum. These conditions can often be misdiagnosed and hence can be given inappropriate medication. So supplementing with molybdenum is always worthwhile as it won't do any harm and may well do  a lot of good.

For years, most physicians dismissed chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) as an all-in-the-head problem. And most victims of CFS suffered the indignity of being told that they were hypochondriacs, and that they merely imagined their three main symptoms: (1) disabling fatigue; (2) persistent muscle and joint pain; and (3) severe problems of brain fog, irritability and depression.

Many doctors poured salt on the wounds of their patients by labeling their condition as, "yuppie syndrome", and a "syndrome created by the media". Fortunately that is all changing rapidly now.

What Is CFS?
Chronic fatigue syndrome is a recent epidemic that can affect anybody of any age, suggesting it is a man-made aliment due to nutrition and lifestyle. CFS is a progressive immune disorder which affects all body organs and ecosystems. Thus, in addition to the three major symptoms of fatigue, muscle pain, and brain fog, most persons with severe CFS suffer from almost all of the following symptoms: 

(1) abdominal bloating, flatulence, and cramps (caused by battered the bowel ecology); 
(2) digestive and absorptive problems (caused by damaged the gastric ecology); 
(3) dizziness, lightheadedness, sweating, and weakness (due to oxidative stress on the blood ecology caused by used by sugar-insulin-adrenaline roller coasters); (
4) dry mouth, thirst and a sense of "toxicity" (caused by excessive detox stress on the liver ecology); 
(5) cold hands and feet, weight gain, and loss of hair (due to a sluggish thyroid); 
(6) chronic stress, irritability, and anxiety (due to relentless stress on the adrenal gland); 
(7) hypoglycemic symptoms (due to the instability of the pancreas); 
(8) PMS, menstrual irregularities, lack of sex drive, and premature menopause (due to imbalance of sex hormones); 
(9) heart palpitations, low blood pressure, dizziness on sudden change of posture (due to oxidative stress on the cardiovascular system); 
(10) severe problems of mood, memory, and mentation problems (due to disruptions of neurotransmitters); and 
(11) air or oxygen hunger due to sluggish oxygen transport and utilization).


People who tried molybdenum for their condition reported the following:

Changes         Percentage who found improvement

Chronic Fatigue           65%
Chronic Weakness        68%
Joint Pain                 61%
Muscle Pain               61%
Headaches                55%
Mental Concentration     65%
Memory                   71%
Depression                55%
Insomnia                  61%
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