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Cobalt is an essential trace metal and it is a constituent of Vitamin B12.


We get Cobalt from the soil, and intensive farming has depleted this element from our food. Vegetarians can be deficient in Cobalt.

Deficiency Symptoms

Inadequate intake results in anaemia.

At a Glance...

Cobalt is a constituent of Vitamin B12 (cobalamin), which is important to maintain healthy nerve tissue. Cobalt is also involved in the formation of red blood cells.

Functions Dosage Toxicity Further Information What you need to eat
Cobalt prevents pernicious anaemia and aids in the synthesis of DNA.
Cobalt is rarely found as a single supplement, but is frequently part of multivits or B-complex vitamins. There is no RDA, but a daily intake of 8 µg is suggested.
Toxicity occurs at doses above 30 µg a day and the symptoms include goitre, hyperthyroidism and heart failure.
The major source of cobalt is vegetables. With depletion of soil contents over the years then some vegetarians are at some risk of deficiencies.
Foods rich in Cobalt include leafy green vegetables, brassicas, meat, liver, milk and some seafoods.


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