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Molybdenum is essential as it plays an important part in using iron effectively within the body.


A trace of Molybdenum is essential for health. It is a vital component of the enzyme which uses Iron in the body, therefore it can prevent anaemia and promote a feeling of well being.

Deficiency Symptoms

Deficiencies are rare, but may result in an irregular heart beat, irritability and an inability to produce uric acid.

At a Glance...

Molybdenum helps generate energy and process waste for excretion.

Functions Dosage Toxicity Further Information What you need to eat
Molybdenum help to mobilise stored Iron and is involved in development of the nervous system. It is an ingredient of tooth enamel and so may prevent tooth decay.
There is no RDA and intakes above 15 mg daily may cause gout-like symptoms.
High levels may cause joint problems.
Molybdenum can prevent sexual impotence in men and is necessary for a healthy reproductive system.
Foods such as wheat, canned beans, wheatgerm, liver, legumes, offal and eggs.

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