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Sucking eggs for more information??

Forgive us for teaching you to suck eggs (is that a Body language symptom?) but we have scanned literally thousands of websites and rejected ten times more than that because of rubbish content or biassed commercial focus, so we thought a few tips for your own searching would be useful.  There is a very definite skill in sifting through the swine to find a few pearls.

It's usually quite good to go for two or three linked words in a good web browser. For example, schizophrenia + deficiency leads you to:

25% of American hospital beds are occupied by schizophrenics (Wow)
You will be schizophrenic if your mother was not exposed to sunshine (what??)
There is actually no such thing as schizophrenia (pardon?)
Various commercial sites that tell you to take virtually every supplement until you rattle.

So what you need to expand your meaningful search is to use our Body Language focus. Use our site to pinpoint some Body Language causes and try these, for example:

schizophrenia + PABA 
schizophrenia + niacin
grey hair + deficiencies 
Niacin + psychoses

To seek out real Body language signs and symptoms you need to be a web detective. For example, grey hair, blue eyes = hyperactive = PABA. 

Research PABA with niacin and you get to schizophrenia, in particular that PABA treatment relieves schizophrenia. So grey hair could be Body language for schizophrenia risk. 

Now THAT's important.

Of course you need to segregate your searching very carefully. This Body Language sign only arose because I searched 'grey hair' not 'gray hair' as the American spelling.  Just shows that, with 80% of the worlds inventions in the last 50 years coming from Britain, it pays to focus on British web influence. But that's why I find good old fashioned bog standard research so fascinating.

Scientists don't do this sort of vital research any more, because it doesn't lead to peer respectability, Nobel prizes or more salary. Instead they spend billions on obscure research like fiddling about with genetics. 


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