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Vitamin C


Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system.


Vitamin C stimulates the immune system, therefore prevents cancer and fights off infections and speeds up wound healing. Reduces arthritis degeneration of joints and protects against atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Deficiency Symptoms

Deficiencies are common, with poor healing capacity, irritability, bleeding gums, bruising. Severe deficiency causes scurvy, which shows loose teeth, gum disease and joint pain.

At a Glance...

An important vitamin, assists in healthy gums, bones and muscles.

Functions Dosage Toxicity Further Information What you need to eat
Vitamin C is important in the production of collagen, a form of connective tissue. It acts as a natural antihistamine and overcome aspects of male infertility.
The RDA is 60 mg, with short-term high doses helping to relieve symptoms of a cold. Smokers will need a higher daily intake. Chronic high doses should be avoided.
Toxicity is rare but long lasting supplementation can cause kidney stones and gout.
Vitamin C in high doses has been said to be an anti-cancer agent. It may improve the health of sex organs and improve fertility, especially in the male.
Vitamin C is high in citrus and other fruits, such as blackcurrants. Also present in most vegetables.

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