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More about Molybdenum

Good sources of Molybdenum include milk, beans, bread, liver and cereals. The molybdenum content of plants depends on the soil in which they are grown. The table below can be used as a guide.

Lima beans 100g 870 mcg
Small white beans 100g 450 mcg
Yellow split peas 100g 250 mcg
Oats 100g 180 mcg
Green peas 100g 130 mcg
Chili beans 100g 110 mcg
Raisin bran 100g 76 mcg
String beans 100g 60 mcg
Spaghetti 100g 41 mcg
Macaroni 100g 38 mcg
Rice 100g 29 mcg
Bakery sweets 100g 27 mcg
Bread 100g 21 mcg
Cheese 100g 11 mcg
Pineapple 100g 9 mcg
Eggs 100g 9 mcg
Banana 100g 8 mcg
Corn 100g 8 mcg
Spinach 100g 7 mcg
Potatoes 100g 7 mcg
Cabbage 100g 6 mcg
Chicken 100g 5 mcg
Milk 100g 5 mcg
Bean sprouts 100g 5 mcg

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