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More about a healthy cardiovascular system 

You'd think this was easy. Not so, this has been one of the more difficult pages to compile. I must have researched around 200 websites and 'high quality' professional links. The variation makes it difficult. Low salt, high salt, low sodium,. high sodium, low cholesterol, cholesterol isn't the factor. How the hell can we expect to get healthy with all this bickering between scientists and medics? And most of the sites encourage you to eat their own special concoction of rubbish dressed up as healthy food. 

In the finish, I just went for this one (and the excellent site link on the next page).

Confused about what food is best for healthy weight loss?
Follow this golden rule.

The more natural the food, the better.
Better for health and better for weight loss.

Natural food is not absolutely perfect, nor is it likely to be 100 per cent natural, but it's LESS likely to be fattening and MORE likely to be healthy.

'Natural' Foods include:

Fresh fruit
Fresh vegetables, including potatoes
Fresh fish
Wholegrain muesli (no sugar)
Nuts, seeds
Whole meal or wholegrain bread
Brown rice
Bottled water
Cheeseburgers (Whoops! Just kidding)


More about healthy food

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