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Do you have a crease on your earlobe? 

If you do, you may be exposing yourself to cardiovascular disease

At least 30 different studies have shown that a diagonal crease in the earlobe was a sign of increased risk for heart attack. The presence of a unilateral earlobe crease was associated with a 33% increase in the risk of heart attack and 77% if both earlobes were creased. Chronic circulatory problems cause the blood vessels in the earlobe to collapse. This then creates a crease in the earlobe. A diagonal earlobe crease is a better indicator of sudden death from heart attack than age, smoking, weight, high cholesterol, or sedentary lifestyle. 

For some reason a creased earlobe doesn’t increase the risk of heart attack in Asians and Native Americans.

Other research, however, seems to indicate that earlobe creases are more common in older people, and that age, not the presence of creases, accounts for this increased risk. Other genetic factors such as race and earlobe shape may also determine the presence of earlobe creasing and whether it appears in childhood or adulthood.


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