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This simple philosophy could be the biggest thing in healthcare for a very long time.


Signs and Symptoms of Body language are the key to your health. 

These simple signs and symptoms indicate nutritional deficiencies that can be resolved with simple changes to diet or lifestyle. Some of these deficiencies, if left, could result in illness or disease.

Examples include:

 Are you sensitive to bright lights?

 Do sneeze in bright sunlight?

 Do you wheeze after eating fruit and vegetables? 

 Do you have burning feet or tender heels?

These are classic Body Language signs. Click on the links to find the answers, or search the Home page  to see the full list. You can also:

Learn Body Language - the 'early warning signs' of risks to your health
Learn about the lack of nutrients in modern food
Learn about nutrition and the EU directive

Please note. Body Language is a collection of 'classic' signs and symptoms that the authors have painstakingly collected, researched and expanded. Most of them are grounded on valid science, a few are 'old wives tales' that nevertheless have sound scientific validity, a few are anecdotal. many of them are fascinating in their own right. 

These Body Language signs are valuable as 'early warning signs' but are no substitute for professional health advice and should not be used exclusively for self-diagnosis or for self treatment of serious complaints or diseases.  used These links have been added to help you to search the internet, and some may be commercial sites. The authors have no commercial links with any organisation referenced here and do not accept responsibility for the validity of any claims made or information contained in this site or any other links, nor can they be held responsible for any actions arising from information or advice given.


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