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Hyperactive boys are often blonde with blue eyes

They may be deficient in Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and Essential Fatty Acids

The diagnosis that appears to work best is to do a Connor's score. This is a very simple check list which works well in clinical practice and has been used for research purposes. If the parents do the scoring, then they make the diagnosis, and are more trusting of the result.

Connors score: Score 0 for not at all, Score 1 for sometimes, and Score 2 for quite often, Score 3 for a lot in answering the following questions:

Would you say your child is :
Restless or overactive 
Excitable or impulsive 
Disturbs other children 
Fails to finish things 
Short attention span 
Constantly fidgeting 
Inattentive, easily distracted 
Makes demands that must be met right away 
Easily frustrated 
Cries often and without provocation 
Mood changes quickly and dramatically 
Temper outbursts 
Explosive and unpredictable behaviour

A score of 15 or more suggests that hyperactivity is likely 

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