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More about Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and essential fatty acids in hyperactivity?

Good sources of Zinc:

lean meat
seafood - especially oysters
wheat germ

Good sources of Vitamin B6

Animal products including offal

Good sources of essential fatty acids


Hyperactive children are always zinc deficient so add plenty of zinc rich foods and get rid of the junk food. They are often thirsty which can be a sign of deficiency of essential fatty acids. Another sign is 'chicken skin' over the elbows and back of the upper arms.

Elimination diets are essential. I usually do a step wise progression: 
Cut out all sugar in the diet. Dont forget sweetened drinks, added sugar in cereals, cakes etc 
Cut out all artificial colourings, flavourings, additives, E numbers, preservatives etc. This was the basis of the Feingold diet which has already helped many hyperactive children. 
Cut out all stimulants particularly caffeine in tea, cola, chocolate and many 'sports drinks' such as Red Bull. 
Cut out foods which the child has a particular liking for. For some reason concentrated blackcurrant juice is a common offender. 
Do an elimination diet such as the stone age diet.

Expect a response within a week for any dietary change except in the case of wheat and dairy products. Often these cause delayed reactions and the diet must be enforced for one month.

Do a good chemical clean up as chemical sensitivity is a common cause of hyperactivity.

Some kids are sensitive to salicylates and respond to a low salicylate diet

Consider an anti-fungal regime - many children seem to react in an almost allergic way to yeast in the gut. 


Find out more about Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and essential fatty acids in hyperactivity

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