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Do you have stretch marks?

You may be deficient in ZINC

What is Zinc?

Many of the features of common chronic disorders, especially connective tissue disorders, are identical to the symptoms of zinc deficiencies. Is this a coincidence, or could zinc deficiencies be an often overlooked factor in many disorders currently attributed to genes or other causes?

When pregnant mice were fed a diet moderately deficient in zinc, their offspring exhibited a malfunctioning immune system for the first six months of life. More alarming, the second and third generations also showed signs of poor immunity - even though they were fed a zinc-plentiful diet.

Jean Carper, writing in Jean Carper's Total Nutrition Guide, in reference to zinc studies done at U.C. Davis

If zinc deficiencies can carry over from generations in mice, as noted above, could the same be true for humans? Perhaps some of the conditions in humans we currently attribute to genetic defects were actually caused by deficiencies of zinc or other nutrients occurring in past generations.

Zinc is also essential in protecting eyes from macular degeneration, and wound healing.

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