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Do you rub your eyes ?

You could have a stress or a  sleep problem 

When you rub your eyes it stimulates the ocularcardio reflex, applying pressure around the rectus muscles that move the eyeball. This causes a response in the vagus nerve, through their close association. 

This stimulation lowers heart rate, so we rub our eyes in order to slow ourselves down to prepare to sleep. Producing a vagal response in this manner (sometimes to the degree of inducing a faint) is used in martial arts, massage, hypnotism, and is a method of disabling violent prisoners/patients.

For some people, this feels good. and may be one reason why stressed people sometimes gain benefit from rubbing their eyes and face with their hands, especially after a stressful telephone call,  meeting or confrontation.

Eyes and allergies

Many people with eye rubbing problems have dry eyes, that can be associated with an allergy. The more inflamed the tissue gets, the more it itches - this is called the itch/scratch/itch cycle that doesn't stop until damage has been done.

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