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Recently, 42% of eyecare professionals said they have seen an increase in the number Age Related Macular Degeneration sufferers in the past five years. The survey revealed just how importantly optometrists and dispensing opticians regard the role of nutrition and a good diet in maintaining eye health.

An overwhelming majority of respondents (90per cent) believe that good diet/nutrition is crucial in maintaining eye health, with 58per cent attributing the general deterioration in eye health to factors that could be linked to poor nutrition.

Over 50% of those surveyed confirmed they do discuss the importance of nutrition and a good diet with patients who suffer from age-related eye conditions. 

Despite this, no-one seems to be telling us EXACTLY what we need to eat. As we have seen, 'a healthy diet' is not good advice. So what do we need to eat to maintain good eyesight? 

Primarily, we need plenty of Vitamin A, chromium, and zinc.

Good sources of Vitamin A




Fresh, colourful vegetables  TOP TIP Eat a carrot a day

Good sources of Chromium

wholemeal bread
brewer's yeast
lean meats
whole grains

Good sources of Zinc

lean meat

seafood - especially oysters




wheat germ


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