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Do you have premature grey hair?

You may be deficient in PARA-AMINO BENZOIC ACID  

PABA or para-amino benzoic acid is one of the nutrients the body uses to make the anti-stress B vitamins, especially vitamin B5 which has, in turn, been linked with slowing down the rate of both greying and hair loss. You need to remember though that the trials which suggest this welcome benefit are small and only worked when prematurely greying hair was the result of either stress or a nutritional deficiency that the PABA could correct.

In fact, PABA was initially being assessed for the treatment of a condition called vitiligo where patches of skin turn chalky white. Some people with this condition also have prematurely grey hair and what the researchers found was that a very small percentage of patients responded so well to a combined dose of PABA and magnesium, their skin and hair colour returned to normal.

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