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Good sources of Para-Amino Benzoic acid :

brewer's yeast
whole grains
made by intestinal bacteria. (It seems we evolved to eat soil).

Schizophrenia and PABA 

Dr. Carl Pfeiffer reports that large doses of PABA, 2 grams per day, have been used with good results in schizophrenia. He speculates that PABA may prevent certain amines from forming hallucinogens. There is a chemical found in quantity in the bodies of schizophrenic persons. It is an indole called adrenochrome.  Adrenochrome (which is oxidized adrenalin) has an almost LSD-like effect on the body.  That might well explain their behavior.  

Niacin (Vitamin B3) serves to reduce the body’s production of this toxic material.  In fact there is reference on the web to Vitamin B3 having produced remarkable stabilisation of schizophrenia. Probbaly not surprising, because Niacin and PABA are both part of the Vitamin B group.

Can we put two and two together to make four, and suggest that premature grey hair might indicate risks of psycosis or schizophrenia?  Well, maybe .... be sure to use the discussion forum to give us your views or information on your family history, telling us whether this is true or not.

For some reason schizophrenia and rheumatoid arthritis seldom occur in the same person.


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