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Do you have a crease on the end of your nose?

You probably have an Allergy

In infants and young children, nose congestion may present as mouth-breathing, sniffing, snuffling, snorting or snoring, and nose rubbing. 

This habitual nose rubbing is sometimes known as "the allergic salute" - pushing the nose up with the palm of the hand until a crease develops across the skin of the nose.

The most sensitive part of your body to allergens is the nose, because 2,000 gallons of air pass through this tiny passageway every day. 

 Congestion or inflammation of the nose (rhinitis), sinuses (sinusitis), and throat (pharyngitis) may be due to airborne irritants and allergens; however, food allergy may be the undiagnosed cause of these common problems. 

Nasal stuffiness, snoring, increased mucus flow in nose and throat and recurrent sore throats are often due to allergies. Recurrent middle ear "infections" are very common in young children and have been successfully treated by removing milk, wheat, and eggs from the diet.


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