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Do you get a blocked nose after drinking red wine?

If you do, you may be deficient in MOLYBDENUM

The reason for the Body Language symptom may be sulphites.  Sulfur-containing compounds called sulphites are used as a preservative in wines,  Molybdenum helps convert potentially harmful sulfites into taurine, a beneficial amino acid. 

Molybdenum may be necessary for use in asthma or other symptoms associated with sulfite sensitivity because of its involvement with sulfur. Molybdenum deficiency may be responsible for sulfite sensitivity since it is a cofactor for sulfite oxidase. Sulfite oxidase catalyzes the last step (sulfites to sulfates) in the breakdown of sulfur amino acids. It may be wise to balance molybdenum supplementation with copper supplements, since one can cause a deficiency of the other.

Sulfites in the urine are indicative of molybdenum requirement.  

It should be noted that if your copper level is too high this can drive molybdenum levels down.

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