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Are you overweight or obese?

If so, you may be searching for that vital nutritional element missing in your diet

Many experts now believe the Western World is overfed and undernourished. We eat to gather the nutritional elements we need, and when our food fails to deliver them, we eat some more. And then some more. 

Our body doesn't trigger the 'I'm full' switch because we haven't eaten what we need. So we get fatter and fatter, and in doing so, make even more demands on our body.

Many food companies employ experts to make their food more addictive so they make more profit. They add anything that's cheap and addictive, usually sugar, salt, artificial flavourings and colours. In a recent survey, 97% of the food we eat in the western world was found to be artificially treated to make it more palatable. Coupled to the poor nutrition of the soil, it is not surprising we are undernourished. 

And now, we impose the Western nutrition on the third world, which already has dire nutritional imbalances through malnutrition. 

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