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So how do you tackle obesity? 

The first thing to do is find out what your fundamental needs are and supply them. Review the Body language signs and symptoms and find those that relate to you. Each one lists foods that you should focus on. 

The internet is bulging at the seams with advice on weight. Ignore it. You don't need special diets, slimming foods etc. You need good wholesome food. here is the best advice.

Good sources of vitamins and minerals

Eggs are the perfect food. They contain absolutely everything needed to sustain life in one convenient package. All the protein, minerals etc. And cheap, easy to cook and versatile. 

Throughout the research for this website I have come across 'superfoods' and they are all the old basics - not expensive, easy to prepare and tasty. Here they are - include an abundance of these and you'll not go far wrong.




        green or red vegetables

        brightly coloured fruit


        oil fish

        lean meat

        water / mineral water

Be careful with chicken, most suppliers now feed their chickens beef fat to make them so plump in 10 weeks there's more fat in a chicken than a burger. 

Think you can't stick to this diet? Well, you can eat as much as you want, and even if you hate the stuff it is a fact that if someone eats something 20 times they will then love it. Apparently it's an in built conditioning factor that helps us survive on things like earthworms, rats, or grasshoppers, which happens to be the diet of millions of people in the world every day. 

Since this site is of importance globally, maybe this is your diet.

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