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Do you have a white coating on your tongue?

You might be Dehydrated or you could have a Yeast infection.

Water requirements

Current recommendations for water are 8, eight ounce glasses per day which would equal 64 ounces. This amount should be sufficient for most healthy persons who are not in a hot, humid environment or sweating from physical work or exercise and should drink more water more often. Drink water, not soft drinks which are loaded with sugar. 

Hot countries in the world happen to have the worst water supplies. Many women walk over 10 miles a day (15 kilometers) just to get water. If you find this website helpful please consider donating some money to one of our charities, Water Aid by going to our discussion forum.

It is easier to pay attention to the color of your urine each time you urinate. (Urine that has accumulated in your bladder during sleep will be more concentrated and yellow. Otherwise, if your kidneys didn't concentrate urine during sleep, you would have to wake up to urinate.) After the urinating the first time after waking up, your urine should be light coloured and odorless for the remainder of the day. This assumes that you have normal functioning kidneys and no bladder disease or infection.

Some foods will affect urine smell and colour. For example Asparagus produces a strange smell to your urine, due to methylthioacrylate and methylthiopropionate from the asparagus. Turmeric turns the urine bright yellow. 


Thrush is an infection caused by the fungus Candida albicans, the same little beast responsible for yeast infections. The disease is common among babies, who may be exposed to the microorganism as they pass through the birth canal. Thrush is also common in people who take antibiotic or steroid medication, and in people with compromised immune systems. In all of these cases, the healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth can be disrupted, making it easier for Candida albicans to grow and spread. Smoking is a risk factor, too, since it also upsets the balance of bacteria in the mouth.

When people take antibiotics, the good bacteria are often killed along with the disease-causing ones. This leaves yeast, such as Candida which is not affected by antibiotics, to grow unrestrained, proliferating and overrunning the intestinal tract. The consequence is a yeast overgrowth or infection. Such infections can last for years causing a wide variety of symptoms ranging from headaches to digestive problems.

Symptoms of thrush can include:

white patches on the tongue and insides of the cheeks
creamy, cottage-cheese-like sores, also on the tongue and in the mouth
pain or burning in the mouth and throat
lessened ability to taste food or an unpleasant taste in the mouth

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